2014 Vedic Forecast for Gemini/Mithuna Lagna or Moon

The first half of the year the focus continues regarding children, learning, entertainment or romantic fascinations. You will be more ambitious to make extra money. Your confidence will be strong as you initiate new projects. New relationships will be formed both romantically and professionally and existing relationships will become stronger. You may be letting go of friendships or group associations that you have outgrown. Your health is in a favorable and protective period but you may gain weight if you are not watching your diet.

The first half of the year will bring about many adjustments that if embraced will put us all on a better track for the second half because relational Venus or Shukra will be retrograde until January 31st, discerning Mercury or Budhi will be retrograde in February, ambitious Mars or Mangala will be retrograde March 1
st through May 19th, then Mercury is retrograde again in June and Saturn will turn direct July 20th. Retrograde periods are important cycles to make any needed readjustments.
But there is a definite shift unfolding the 2nd half of 2014 as the Rahu/Ketu axis changes signs in July, Guru or Jupiter changes signs in June and Shani or Saturn changes signs in November.

The major changes during the second half will refocus your attention from more pleasurable and creative pursuits to matters regarding the mother, education, vehicles, property or the living environment. Health continues to be protected and your career opportunities will expand as well as your finances and some of you could receive a financial settlement or an inheritance.