Terence Guardino began his astrological career in 1977 using the Tropical Western system for reading the horoscope but  after he discovered the power of Vedic Astrology's Vimshottari Dasha system for making predictions he is now incorporating this great technique not only for his Vedic clients but also when reading for his long established Western clientel.

Terence produced and hosted in Los Angeles a popular public access TV show, "Astrology and You," from 1984-2004.  Currently  is the contributing Western astrologer for the DailyOm.com and fairfieldcountylook.com. Terence is the author of, "The Seasons of Astrology," that puts forth a scientific theory to validate the case for astrology based on the tropical zodiac.

Terence  has appeared twice on the ABC morning show, "Good Morning America" when he gave his predictions for the New Year.  He has also been featured on VH-1 as the astrologer to an aspiring rock star. Terence was  interviewed in the National Examiner  about his astrological findings with dolphins that were born in captivity with birth dates for these amazing animals.  The New York Daily News and USA Today asked for his opinions on business travel trends when they interviewed him on his astrological forecasts. Plus the Los Angeles Times wrote up a piece on his horoscopes for children when they found out he had written an analysis for Madonna. In addition, Terence has appeared on numerous radio and television programs across the country.

As a writer, he has been published in "Dance & the Arts,”  "Dancer Magazine," and the newsletter "The Traveling Woman." Terence has also entertained with his thought provoking but light hearted lectures on cruise ships for several years in the mid 90’s sailing the Caribbean. Always a provocative innovator, Terence received much publicity for conducting research with dolphins born in captivity using their birth dates to calculate his statistics. He did his study at the Dolphin Research Center at Grassy Keys, Florida and at the Sealife Park, Makupu Point, Hawaii.  He was published in the Los Angeles Whole Life Monthly about his findings with his interaction with the dolphins.