Astrological Services and Rates

Readings by Phone, Skype, FaceTime or in Person in Los Angeles

All of the readings are recorded and for the Skype/phone sessions the recordings are sent to the client via email in a mp3 audio file.
When ordering please send me an email with your birth date, time and place of birth.

To book appointments please email to check availability before paying for the session.

Natal Life Reading - $200
A comprehensive interpretation of the Vedic natal horoscope. This one-hour reading includes a personality profile, an evaluation of the various karmas of life (e.g., relationships, finance, health, career, etc.) with predictions of trends and events over the next several years.

Yearly Forecast Reading - $200
An in depth astrological reading for a 12-month period, which interprets the planetary cycles of the Vedic horoscope using the Vimshottari Dasha system for more accurate predictions.  As a non-traditional Vedic astrologer I will also bring in the influences of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 
If you have specific questions it is best to email them in advance of the appointment.

Relationship Chart - $200
A one-hour reading in which the natal horoscopes of two individuals are compared for the purpose of gaining deeper insight into the dynamics of their relationship. This can be applied to marriages, business relationships, friendships, family relationships, etc.

Please Note:  For best results its important to have a good time of birth and preferably from a birth certificate.  I may need to ask you questions in advance in order to determine a more accurate birth time.

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